Based on Apache Nifi

Use the best and most flexible open source data processing system as a fully managed service.


Take control of your data

Build low-maintenance, no-code data pipelines, all while having complete control and flexibility. With over 300 processors and connectors, the possibilities are endless.


Scale your flows without breaking a sweat 

From hundreds of events per second to billions, we ensure your Apache NiFi deployment is always up to the challenge.


Hit the ground running with DataJet's flow templates

Unlike other tools that are opinionated and try to lock you in, DataJet allows you to use existing templates and modify them in any way you like to achieve what’s best for your company

Main Features

Deploying NiFi securely at scale is hard. Let us handle it for you

Get started with a fully secure, scalable NiFi cluster in minutes.

Enterprise Grade solutions at your fingertips

Gain access to hundreds of battle tested, ready-to-deploy flows and modify to your liking.

Highly configurable

Guaranteed delivery, latency, throughput, prioritization. Anything can be tweaked, even at runtime!

Full control with Data Provenance

Track dataflow from beginning to end

Easy, web based UI

Seamless experience between design, control, feedback and monitoring.

Fully extensible when you need it

Easily add custom processors when you need that extra flexibility.

Ready to take your data engineering to the next level?

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